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 Start an O11C Chapter 

We work with teams of  Veterans and Active Military members across the country to grow dynamic and diverse groups of active RC crawlers that do it for the fellowship.

Operation 11 Charlie (O11C) and its organizers recognize:

  • Vets can be caring and capable resource

  • Vets want to be involved in an engaging group and activity

  • Vets benefit from opportunities to socialize and support each other

  • Vets come in all stripes: stay-at-home and breadwinning, single and married, gay and straight, and from different races, nations and religious beliefs.

A O11C Chapter Rep should:

  • Cover a large metropolitan area – Every Chapter is organized in and around a major city. It should strive to include neighboring suburbs within a reasonable distance.

  • Have a committed leadership team – When you start a dads group Chapter, it will come with many challenges. Working with small team with a diverse skill set is optimal. If you are on your own, reach out to us to see if there are others in your area that are willing to help.

  • Hold regular Meetups – Organize a mix of Trail Outings, Vets Night Outs, and other events every month to maintain the interest and entice growth of members.

  • Engage in social media – Connect with the O11C groups local media and local parenting resources as well as group members by using multiple social media channels such as a blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Be business friendly – Being open to work with brands and service providers – local and national – that relevant to our members and promote a good image of honorable Veterans and Military members.

Here’s how we help you:

  • Start-Up – We work with you to establish a Meetup page, social media channels, logos, messaging, etc.

  • Support – Organizers from around the country shares ideas and best practices to help your group grow and thrive

  • Recognition – Immediate connection to national and international conversations about Veteran benefits, O11C Support and more

  • Opportunity – We’ve been able to create sponsorship programs that give members a great experience and give brands an opportunity to reach our audience.

If this all still sounds like something you are interested in, let’s talk.


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