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Become an Inductee 

Operation 11 Charlie values a family-like atmosphere.

O11C has adapted to the evolving needs of our inductees since its inception. To maintain chapter atmosphere and connection, a representative must be within a 2-hour travel distance. This helps maintain relationships without adding stress to outings. Initially, we had a wider travel range, which was not practical. If you are outside our range, please stay in touch and participate in public events. We hope to expand in your direction and consider you part of our family.

 Operation 11 Charlie Induction Steps:

  1. Use the Search Bar below to search your location to see if we have a chapter near you. Then click the link if it appears. Fill out the form and submit.

  2. An O11C volunteer will evaluate the request and locate the nearest state representative within a two-hour travel time.

  3. The state rep will contact the Veteran to gather any further information needed,  background information and verify their service status using VA ID or DD214.

  4. The Veteran will meet with the representative for an RC outing, using either O11C loaner rigs or their own equipment if they already have it.

  5. After two or more similar encounters, if the Veteran is interested in becoming an inducted member, an induction ceremony is scheduled and if any required RC equipment is needed it will be provided by O11C at no cost. O11C prioritizes creating a positive family atmosphere for our Veterans, refining our resources to meet their needs.

Our volunteers are trained to support Veterans in the RC hobby. However, we are not a substitute for medical professionals in case of any medical needs. We prioritize connecting with Veterans who are within a reasonable travel distance from our volunteers, but distance may not always a reason for exclusion. We strive to build a community by sharing experiences and the enjoyment of the RC hobby. We respect privacy requests and always ask for permission before sharing photos or videos from any public gatherings.

Step 1

 Search your State for local chapter

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