Here at Operation 11 Charlie, we introduce our Veterans and Active Service members to the world of Radio Control (RC) Vehicles. Our efforts are to create a long-lasting relationship within the hobby that helps those of us who suffer from PTSD, giving a comfortable opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and experience the world of nature in the RC community Brotherhood.

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Operation 11 Charlie is achieving more with our initiatives than ever before. We do not simply provide an RC Vehicle to our inductees, we arrange outings for our inductees and their families to ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for those we love and provide a positive change in our community.

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With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today.


Excursions are Op11C efforts to provide a place for veterans to get away from the daily stresses of post-service life in a way that's engaging and therapeutic. By getting out in nature, we're able to also fight back against invisible wounds by being surrounded by all the natural beauty this country has to offer. Join us on an adventure today!


Operation 11 Charlie. Start out with our Inductee kit that includes everything you need to get started like trucks, cars, controllers, and more! You get unlimited access to your veteran family's members' site where they share troubleshooting information, make recommendations on new parts and techniques, provide updates about all the latest club events, or even just come hang out in our chats. It is a lot of fun for anyone interested in joining us like yourself!

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"You can't fall if you don't climb. But there's no joy in living your whole life on the ground."

- Unknown


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